Our services

We represent different interests of our customers in the customs. Let us handle these tasks and you will save your time and avoid additional investment in special software, staff training and other concerns related to customs clearance procedures. We advise and represent our clients' interests during the following customs procedures:

  • Export document processing and presentation for customs clearance;
  • Import document processing and presentation for customs clearance;
  • Transit, re-export and re-import document processing and presentation for customs clearance;
  • Temporary import and export of goods;
  • Changes of procedures in the customs terminal and in customs warehouses;
  • Import and export procedures for the companies of other EU member countries in Lithuania;
  • Phytosanitary certification, phytosanitary clearance of vegetable products;
  • We carry out the full range of procedures of the sale of goods and free warehouse clearance;
  • We represent economic operators in customs offices, public and other services, obtain certificates, permits, licenses etc. on their behalf;
  • We provide qualified counselling to economic entities and natural persons on all issues of customs clearance procedures, document preparation, and other;
  • Following the inquiries of the customs authorities, the draft responses, reports and other documentary material on behalf of economic entities;

Subject to the needs of our customers, UAB Rytų Projektai provides storage services:

  • cargo storage;
  • grouping;
  • sorting;
  • loading;
  • packaging and labelling operations.