About us

UAB Rytų Projektai is the customs agent and its bonded warehouses in Alytus (at the address: Naujoji g. 17, Alytus) and a customs brokerage department in the import – export terminal of Kaunas airport customs station (at the address: Pievų 1, Karmėlava). The company was founded in 2006. UAB Rytų Projektai handles all customs procedures for cargo requiring special transportation conditions. Cargo requiring different temperature regimes includes vegetable products: flowers, fruit and vegetables. These goods also require phytosanitary control and phytosanitary clearance.

During the month, including weekends and holidays, the company provides an average of 500-600 trucks with vegetable production for customs clearance. The customs post operates 24/7. Fast customs, phytosanitary inspection and clearance of cargo is a must in order to avoid losses due to vehicle downtime. This will enable the competitiveness in the EU markets and high quality of goods. Many years of experience of our personnel ensures fast and high quality customer service, and the necessary customs formalities for import, export or transit procedures. Advice and consultations of our skilled personnel will prevent misunderstandings and problems related to the customs procedures that will save you time.